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About Maly


Hello, My name is Maly Rosner and I am a Clinical Dietitian.  I specialize in treating people with digestive issues and conditions. I have been practicing since 2006 helping patients dealing with upper GI issues such as reflux and heartburn, or food sensitivities by those suffering from IBS, Crohn’s, Celiac Disease, Ulcerative Colitis or Microscopic Colitis.


I began my career at the Rabin Medical Hospital in the surgical ward teaching post-operative patients how and what to eat. Thereafter I was employed by a Gastroenterology Clinic in Tel-Aviv. Today I still treat patients in a Gastro Integrative Center called "The Belly Way" Clinique in addition to having my own clinic

Healthy Diet

My goal is to teach my patients to find a diet that fits their lifestyle and that will restore their gut to an optimal state. Whether it is the Mediterranean diet, the SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet), Paleo, Ketogenic diet or for Crohn’s disease (such as CDED) Vegan or Vegetarian there is a diet that will help you return to health. 


I believe our bodies, and particularly our digestive system, reflect our emotional and physical health. Good nutrition is a large component of that equation and so is emotional and mental health.  


I possess a vast academic knowledge to address all of those issues in addition to a Bachelor and Master’s in Nutrition. I am also a trained coach in CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Treatment) and MI (Motivational Interview) to help my patients achieve the changes in their lives. 


My clinic is located in the South of Israel in Kibbutz Lahav. I treat my patients locally, through Zoom or via phone conversations.


I trust there is a solution for you. I have seen it with many of my patients. With the right guidance and training, you will learn how to surmount the difficulties facing you and turn eating into the joyful experience it once was. 

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